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Missional Grant


We want to bless local everyday missionaries who have great ideas to impact our community. We will be awarding missional grants to individuals and organizations who are seeking funding for their intentional and impactful ministry ideas. Our vision for missional grants is that they would equip and support everyday missionaries and foster an environment for more people to do the same. In addition to funding, we want to provide assistance to individuals and organizations through business and leadership coaching.



We encourage you to start thinking through and working on the initial interest form as early as possible so you can have time to pray, discuss, edit, and submit your initial interest form by March 24, 2024. Applications will be evaluated based on the metrics outlined in the application form and as listed above. Once the application is submitted it will be reviewed by members of the grant advisory panel. Applications are not considered on a first-come, first-served basis, and earlier applications are not given priority consideration. No Word documents, e-mails, or PDFs, will be accepted; only electronic applications through the Veritas website are allowed.


You will be notified late March whether or not your initial interest form has been accepted. You will then be invited to complete an in-depth application and begin preparing for the presentation phase.


Applicants will be contacted to schedule a date and time to present their ideas before the grant advisory panel. Presentations will be scheduled for May 5, 2024. Block this afternoon off so you will be open if asked to present. Presentations will last 10 minutes followed by questions from the grant advisory panel. The panel is made up of members of Veritas who exemplify being an everyday missionary. More details on the presentation will be given to those that move forward in the process.


Final grant decisions will be made in late May. Instructions will be provided to grant recipients on how to retrieve their grant funding after decisions have been made.


If you are awarded a grant you will be required to fill out a 2-3 page evaluation periodically throughout 2024.

Our missional grant metrics are tied directly to our mission at Veritas Church, which is: Raise up mature disciples. Send out everyday missionaries. Glorify God. Our hope is that individuals are encouraged to seek out or further pursue how their unique giftings and passions from God can be used to glorify him through intentional missional activity and influence. Therefore, we have established the following three metrics that missional grant applications will be assessed by:


As a reflection of Jesus we want to care for the whole person and help meet people’s needs, but our ultimate concern is for people’s spiritual needs and their reconciliation back to their heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. Our desire is to share the gospel as we help with other needs. What are the gospel components of this opportunity?


We want to go beyond just addressing tangible needs by building relationships and helping people through those relationships. Our desire is not to see crisis be the door to relationships, but to see relationships be the door to helping in crisis. How does this opportunity seek to engage people relationally?


We are called to be stewards of God’s giftings and treasures. How does this initiative meet a strategic need at this time and place? Is this opportunity attempting to reinvent the wheel, or does something like this already exist in a significant way?


Grant recipients will be communicated by staff of Veritas who oversee missional grants.


A grant recipient will not be considered a partnership with Veritas. Rather, grants are designed to be a one-time gift that equips an individual or an organization. In some cases grants will evolve into key partnerships for Veritas, but this is the exception and not the rule.


Funding amounts for each grantee are determined by the grant advisory panel and some grants will be awarded with stipulations. Funding amounts vary, but may range from $1,000 to $5,000.




Although you are welcome to re-apply, multiple grant awards for the same initiatives are not likely; a repeat award may be considered in exceptional cases. These grants are designed for initiatives that are just starting up. 


Once again, being a grant recipient does not necessarily lead toward Veritas partnership. We may fund the work, but give no promise of promoting the work. 


Although there may be opportunities to mobilize the church body to serve alongside your ministry/initiative, this is not guaranteed and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Initial Interest Form Deadline: March 24, 2024

Presentations: May 5, 2024

Final Grant Decisions: Late May 2024



Complete the form below to communicate initial interest in the Missional Grant process. Following completion of the form a staff member will reach out to you with next steps.