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Baptism | Nick Cronan

Baptism | Nick Cronan

November 20, 2022 |

What was life like before you met Jesus?

I was happy and I felt I was not good enough for God’s love. I tried to find happiness in drugs and alcohol and by being a satanist for a long time.

How did you meet Jesus?

I met Jesus in rehab when I started reading the Bible. Philippians 4:13 really stuck out to me. I would wake up every day telling myself, I can do all things though Christ who gives me strength. Jesus continues to remind me of this as he continues to help me all the time - every time I look for work I just pray to God to see if it's what he wants me to do in my life.

After being saved by Jesus, what is your life like now?

With the help of Jesus and praying and reading the Bible in rehab I have been clean and off drugs for over a year now. I would not have been able to do it without Jesus helping me and providing me with a job to be able to pay my bills. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”