Baptism | Holli Becker

Baptism | Holli Becker

April 30, 2023 |

What was life like before you met Jesus?

Before I met Jesus, my needs were selfish and worldly. My life was lacking a sense of direction and I was simply just a follower of friends and family. I cared mostly about myself and the image I was bearing through middle school and high school. I purely wanted to fit in and that's what I did. I was part of the sporty popular crowd and life seemed easy. I felt as if I had it all. I fit in, I was cool, and people thought I was funny. I simply was putting all of my identity within what I could do and what materials I had. But at the end of the day, when a problem would arise or things would fall short of that fulfillment, I was left empty and alone.

How did you meet Jesus?

I met Jesus through my sweet husband, in my later high school years. Early in our dating, my boyfriend (now husband) would ask questions that were weird Christian questions, and would slightly offend me, but would start deep conversations. My heart was slowly softened by our Lord over months. I began to attend a youth group during my junior year at our high school and there I fully encountered the gospel and the work of the holy spirit. The biggest thing the Lord revealed to me during my high school years was that believing in Christ was more than having head knowledge, doing good deeds, and being morally correct. Most importantly, I learned that by grace through faith, I could be saved, not with works, so no one may boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9) The gospel felt so sweet when I finally trusted and knew that there was nothing I could do to save myself. It is not about obeying the rules, achieving the most, or being the kindest person; the reality is, the only saving grace we have is Jesus. Praise God for sending His only son to die and shed His precious blood for us as sinners, just so we can live eternally with Him. Man, that is sweet. He loves us so much.

After being saved by Jesus, what is your life like now?

Life after being saved has been significantly different. My wants and needs have changed, and my desires have shifted. Instead of chasing the things that fill me in a moment, I am finding myself desiring things that shape me more to be like Christ. It has not been easy to walk with our Lord, but it is so worth it. Christ has filled that hole in my heart, and He constantly is continuing to fill it no matter the circumstances. is everlasting attributes are so much better than the worldly mechanisms we continue to try to fill that hole with. I can't describe the comfort I have felt walking with our Lord, rather than trying to walk in our culture alone. Truly, it has been such a blessing to witness the work of Christ in moments such as experiencing heart change in family members, conversations with friends, and feelings of peace in excruciating circumstances. This life here on Earth is 90 seconds compared to our life for all eternity and being able to spend it with Lord makes it all the better. A verse that has felt so impactful in reminding me that Our God is holy and gracious is Psalm 119:103. "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!". How sweet it is to know that His words are sweeter than honey. How sweet it is to hear that His love is so big for us that He sent His one and Only son to shed His blood for us as sinners, just so we can live eternally with Him. Our God is so big.