May 1, 2023 | Matt Hoffert

Would you describe yourself as someone who is connected? Before you answer, understand that I’m not talking about social media “friends” that you haven’t seen for years or rarely talk to, or contacts you are “linked” to, or people who you “follow”, or even acquaintances you run into from time to time. Are you truly connected? Do you have people in your life who know the real you and are known by you? Do you have other Christ-followers in your life who encourage you, press into and challenge you, who come alongside you and spur you on? Whether you are going through a hard time or are overcome with joy, do you have people to walk alongside you in those moments? Are you that type of person for others?

Today, we have more “connections” than ever before. Modern technology allows us to “connect” instantly with people all over the world. Despite this, more people feel alone, isolated, and disconnected than ever before. Many people today lack true connection, and this can be true within a local church.

At Veritas, our hope is to glorify God by raising up mature disciples and sending out everyday missionaries. Our focus is on the type of disciples we are making. With that in mind, we have identified six essential elements of a disciple that we are seeking to develop in our people.

One of those elements is CONNECT - a disciple of Jesus is connected in community with other disciples of Jesus. Being connected is about actively participating in church community in order to live out the one anothers of the New Testament. If you are connected, you have meaningful relationships with other believers at Veritas. You offer and receive care, support, and encouragement in following Jesus. You serve alongside others at Veritas. You have expressed your relational commitment by becoming a member. Finally, if you are connected, you are in a connection group or other biblical community.

The Bible builds a case for Christian community - here are a few examples:

  • We see no lone-ranger Christians in The New Testament.
  • The early Christians regularly gathered together in community (Acts 2:42-47).
  • You can’t live out the one another commands of the New Testament alone - it’s hard to encourage, spur on, admonish, love, care for, confess to, pray for, and forgive one another when it is just you.
  • Community pushes us to grow and mature (Hebrews 10:24-25).
  • How we love each other will be a witness to others (John 13:35).

God will use other people in our lives to help us mature as disciples, and He can use us in the lives of others as well. If you are truly connected in biblical community, great! If you are like many people, you have realized how hard it is to grow and mature as a disciple when you are not connected. At Veritas, we have some specific next steps for you to help you better connect in biblical community:

  • Sign up for Starting Point or Launch Point and get involved in a connection group.
  • Sign up for the Membership Class.
  • Serve within Veritas Church to be an active part in carrying out our mission.
  • If you are already in a connection group, read through the one another commands of the New Testament and seek to apply those to the people in your group.

Veritas, even though we are more “connected” than ever before, many of you lack biblical community. You can change that - which of the above steps do you need to act on to better connect?

Matt Hoffert

Discipleship Pastor