Local Missions


We believe the best thing we can do for our city is to put more passionate, mature, outward focused followers of Jesus in it. Our philosophy of local missions is first and foremost a disciple making one. We seek to train and equip people to live their lives in this community on mission as ambassadors for Christ spreading the gospel in both word and deed who happen to be employers and employees, parents and students, neighbors and friends. Our primary focus in local missions is the equipping of our people to live as everyday missionaries. We do this through two primary initiatives:



As Christians we are to be ambassadors for Christ, imploring others to be reconciled to God. The ambassadors class is 8 week study designed to equip people to live as ambassadors for Christ in our world. 


The best place for discipleship is the home, and the need for loving Christian homes for displaced children is great. We want to be a church that cultivates a growing community that meets this need.


When it comes to local missions we also want to help rally and direct our people outside of their normal social circles to be a blessing to the under resourced in our community. We do this through our strategic partnerships. Our strategic partnerships are other existing ministries in our community that we seek to advance through resource allocation, financial help and volunteer recruitment. As a church, we focus our partnerships within four categories: Resourcing the Community, The Unborn and Families, Inner-city youth and Refugees and Internationals (Coming Soon).


As part of local missions, we also seek to encourage and bless the personal ministry endeavors of our people. We seek to do this through our Missional Grant Program. Through this program, we will provide funding and coaching to great ideas generated by our people to further the glory of God in our community.


There are over 400 major universities across North America. Through the Salt Network, we pray we will see a thriving church and college ministry established in all of these major university centers. The Salt Network is working to see churches planted, communities strengthened, and Gospel witness extended to the ends of the earth. In particular, we strategically partner to plant churches in global university centers.