Equipping Conference

Registration closed on Saturday, September 24, 2022

Equipping Conference

If you are like most people, you have probably struggled with what it looks like practically to live as a mature disciple and everyday missionary. Our hope is to help you overcome these perceived hurdles and equip you to live intentionally where God has called you. Join us for the Veritas Equipping Conference to deepen your understanding of how to be an ambassador for Christ and live a healthy Christian life.  

Registration for the half-day conference includes:

  • Breakout sessions on various gospel-centered topics
  • Catered lunch
  • Potluck-style desserts - bring a dessert to share or enter your delicious culinary creation in the dessert battle for awesome prizes!
  • T-shirt (for those registered by September 7)

When you register, please pick three of the following breakout sessions to attend: 

Everyday Missionary Guide
Learn how to apply God’s timeless mission for his church to our contemporary lives.

Growing Past Gullible
Our world is full of lies and maturity is the ability to discern between lies and truth. Discover how you can grow in your ability to discern between the two.

How to Read the Bible
God’s Word is our guide to knowing God and living for Him. But there is more to reading your Bible than just reading. Get some practical help in how to read your Bible in a more devotional way in order to draw closer to God.

Maturity in Community
Biblical community is necessary for our growth as Christians. Learn more about cultivating a lifestyle and commitment to biblical community.

Missions at Home
Do you view your life at home as your primary mission field? Join us to learn God's call in marriage, parenting, and neighboring.

Mission Hill 
The Great Commission is the mission Christ assigned his followers. Discover a practical tool to help you engage on this mission every day.

Missions at Work 
What does it look like to view your workplace as a mission field? Learn how to connect with co-workers to share the gospel. 

Are you making the most of your prayer life? Come learn what prayer is, and why we do it. Learn some practical tips on how to grow in talking with God. 

Sharing the Gospel Through Your Story
Your story. My story. God’s story. You can do it! Share your life, share the gospel.


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