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Tell Us Your Story: Jeremiah Holt

Tell Us Your Story: Jeremiah Holt

January 1, 2020 | Jordan Howell



Jordan Hey, Veritas, thanks for joining us today as we get the opportunity to introduce one of our student leaders here within Salt Company, just hope over the next several minutes we'll get the opportunity to see God at work in Jeremiah's life, give you an opportunity to hear from him and hear what God is doing in his life. So, Jeremiah, thanks for joining us today. Would you be willing just to tell our Veritas family just a little bit about yourself?

Jeremiah So I'm Jeremiah Holt. I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, moved around a lot as a kid. I work over at the Mercy ER downtown here. I'm homeschooled and currently going to Kirkwood.

Jordan So I know you've been in Cedar Rapids for a while, but still relatively new —ish questionmark to Veritas, to Salt Company. When did you come to know Jesus? What did that look like for you?

Jeremiah So I grew up in a Christian family, which is like it always had the influence, I guess. But for the longest time, was my parent’s religion was just like something I did. Like you go to Youth Group on Wednesdays and then you'd go to church on Sundays and that's about it. Yeah, but as I got older, God became personal to me. And that's why I came to realize, like my own personal need for God and how like, he just wasn't like a far-off guy, but he was like close and he could be close.

Jordan Ya that's great. So when did you come to know Jesus? Like, around what age?

Jeremiah Probably 18 is like when that difference really became apparent, I guess.

Jordan Yeah.

Jeremiah And it wasn't like — Oh, like my life didn't turn around at that moment to be honest, at that moment I realized that God was something that's really important to me and I did become saved, but I didn't follow him. To be honest especially not like hardcore or continuously. There's definatley times in my life where, like, I, like, fell and lived in sin. And there's always like I always felt like this was wrong but I didn't care at the time, I guess. Or like I didn't really want God.

Jordan Hmm. Yeah. The more that you have just like, matured in your faith and like have come to wrestle with the reality of the gospel, like what has following Jesus meant for you? Like, how have you seen life change and what's it been like to just get to serve, you know, as a student leader this year?

Jeremiah There are things that I don't care about anymore that I used to and things I didn't care about that I now do. And like, I wonder what God's will is for my life where he wants me. And I no longer have as many anxieties. I'm currently learning how, like, give those up to God and like what it looks like to let those go and how God actually wants those. Jordan Yeah. Jeremiah So that's always a tough lesson to learn. And like major changes — like I don’t know, I mean, I’ve struggled with sexual sin for a lot of my life and it's still struggle today. But like, I have a reason to fight now. Yeah. So that was a big thing. And then as like a student leader, it's hard some days, a lot of days to lead with someone else who's a lot different than you and to be patient with how I want to see things happen and realize that's not necessarily God's will or God's timing. So he's been showing me exactly like how much prayer in my life, which is a lot surprisingly to me. Yeah, but he's shown me, I guess, that my will my timing isn’t what's important in life.

Jordan Yeah. I've just been super encouraged by your faithfulness this year. I know last year about this time, you were even hesitant to becoming a student leader and now you've been a leader for about a year, getting to see people come to know Jesus. And you get to go to Zambia this summer. So really excited for how God is working in your life. And Veritas, we're excited, on May 7th, Friday, May 7th, we are going to have the Salt Company Vision Banquet, where you'll get the opportunity to hear more stories like Jeremiahs and catch a bigger vision for what God wants to be doing here in Cedar Rapids in the year to come. So, Jeremiah, thanks for spending time with us and Veritas. We hope this is encouraging to you this week.


Jordan Howell

College Ministry Pastor