April 1, 2024 | Jake Each

A creed is a set of guiding principles and beliefs. Or a formal statement of beliefs. You may be familiar with the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed in the Christian tradition. Creeds are written to clarify beliefs, sometimes confronting the spread of bad doctrine. As Christianity was spreading, there was a growing need to clarify what Christians believed.

Today in our context Christianity has been so prevalent and around for so long that it has often been distorted, twisted, or watered down. And on top of that, our culture is now growing more and more secular. There is a generation that has and is growing up completely disconnected from the Church or any clear teachings of Christianity. But that doesn’t mean people are functioning without core, life-shaping beliefs. The growing secularization of our culture comes with its own zealous leaders and creeds. Perhaps you’ve seen the yard signs or window stickers. Black lives matter. Love is Love. Gay rights are civil rights. Women's rights are human rights. Transgender women are women. Science is real.

There is a complexity and context around each of those statements, backed by individuals with stories, pain and struggle, and misguided hope. But it is in the midst of this secular creed’s cultural campaign that we find it as important as ever for Christians to know what we believe.

The gospel is good news! So, what are the beliefs that we hold proudly? Not that we are seeking to be yard sign and bumper sticker people, but if so, what would be the sign we would put in our yard? What are the foundational truths that we live by? How might we similarly communicate them?

In this sermon series, Creed, we will look at seven statements that get to the heart of what we believe and shape who we are. 

The Bible is true.
God is in control.
No one’s perfect.
Jesus saves.
Hope is real.
Church is essential.
God is the prize.

If you have been a Christian for decades and need to rally again around some of our core beliefs or if you are curious about what Christianity is all about, we would invite you to engage with us in this series. The beliefs of Christianity are not only true; they are wonderfully refreshing and freeing. I hope you will join us in rediscovering the beauty of Christianity.

Jake Each

Lead Pastor