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The Bible and Money this Christmas Season

The Bible and Money this Christmas Season

November 18, 2019 | Austin Spooner

Talking about money and finances as we approach the Christmas season can be awkward. No one really wants to have that conversation. Culture tells us that material things are what this season is really about. The world tells us that the money in my checking account is mine. It’s even harder to have accountability in how you spend or the amount of debt you have and it’s easy to fear being judged. You might even think what you give is no one else’s business. It’s personal. Don’t bring it up.

Many people think the Bible has little to say about this topic. The Bible actually has a lot to say about how we spend our money. There are over 2,300 verses that address it. Jesus talks about money more than he talks about heaven and hell combined.

For many of us, money is actually an easy way to reveal where our heart is. The outflow of our money tells a story of our values and what is important to our family. If someone were to look at each of our bank statements, they could see that (Mathew 6:21). 

As we wrap up 2019, it’s important to take some time to reflect on how generous God has been to each of us over this last year. Some questions we can use in our families to talk about this couple be:

Are our thoughts about money and how we spend it reflecting the generosity we see in scripture?

What are some ways we are holding our money with closed hands?

If someone were to peer into our checking account, would they see a family shaped by scripture or shaped by culture and consumerism?

What are some ways our family can be more generous in 2020?

We want to be a church that is shaped by the Word of God and part of that is how our personal finances are also shaped by Gods Word. As we work to become a more mature follower of Christ, are we letting God’s Word shape our priorities and hearts? As we allow our hearts to be changed, we will begin to hold our hands more openly and become more generous with our finances.  


Austin Spooner

Operations Director