People Are Sinners

April 21, 2024

People Are Sinners

April 21, 2024

God is in Control

April 14, 2024

The Bible is True

April 7, 2024

The Bible is True

April 7, 2024

James 2:14-26

November 26, 2023

James 2:14-26

November 19, 2023

James 1:26-27

November 5, 2023

James 1:26-27

October 29, 2023

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

February 14, 2021

What Is The Church?

August 2, 2020


April 19, 2020


November 25, 2019


November 17, 2019



April 1, 2024 | Jake Each

The gospel is good news! So, what are the beliefs that we hold proudly?

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When Confrontation Comes

January 4, 2022 | Jeff Meyer

Being a Christian not only doesn’t free you from confrontation, it often attracts it! You may often find yourself in situations where a confrontation is unavoidable, and many times it will be because of your faith in the One whom the world hates —they hated Him, and they’ll hate you too.

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The Bible: Reliable and Authoritative

January 18, 2021 | Jeff Meyer

When you hear the word “Bible”, what are some things that come to your mind? Maybe “God’s word”, “true”, “reliable”? Maybe “difficult”, “confusing”, “hard to understand” are closer? In reality, the Bible is God’s word. It is true. It is reliable.

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Jehova Nissi, the Lord is My Banner

April 13, 2020 | Nate Kaloupek

Exodus 17 tells us that Israel wins the battle with God’s help and Moses builds an altar to celebrate God’s character. He names the alter “Jehova Nissi,” the Lord is my banner.

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Baptisms | A Live Documentary About a Victorious Hero

November 11, 2019 | Michael Rhodes

We have had the privilege of regularly watching live ‘documentaries’ about a triumphant hero who is victorious over death and brings others into new life with him. Those live films are called baptisms. They are real stories of crossing over from death to life. They are real people who want others to know about the victory they have experienced in Jesus.

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Contribute | Money

April 1, 2019 | Michael Rhodes

Money…a word that has the ability to bring more emotions with it than a sports team, a relationship, or a middle schooler. Happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, and more can creep into our emotional state when that word is used. Want to see those emotions increase to an even crazier state? Mention the word money in a church setting and there’s not even an emotional comparison.

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Beyond the Message | Creed: God is in Control

April 15, 2024

Listen as Jake and Sam unpack yesterday's sermon, going deeper into scripture and offering practical insights for what it looks like to live God’s Word out daily.

Beyond the Message | Creed: The Bible is True

April 8, 2024

Listen as Ian and Sam unpack yesterday's sermon, going deeper into scripture and offering practical insights for what it looks like to live God’s Word out daily.

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

October 18, 2021

In the book of Hebrews we encounter warning passages that on the cover seem like it may be possible to lose your salvation. As previously promised, this is the podcast where we respond to the question of "Can I lose my salvation?".

Church | What, Why, and How

July 21, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about a word and how you use it? Definitions and distinctions matter - this doesn't change when it comes to the church. So, what is the church, why does it matter, and how should we engage with it? Listen in as we tackle explaining our approach to church. Bonus: Jake, Matthew, and Nathan talk about how they prefer to vacation and reminisce on favorite trips they've taken.

Best Restaurants and Idolizing Love Thy Neighbor

May 9, 2021

The city has some incredible restaurants and we enjoy a lot of them! Also, we discuss the idolization of loving thy neighbor and what it looks like to put that ahead of loving God.