January 10, 2021


The Money Seduction and Gospel Wealth

November 23, 2020 | Jake Each

In the midst of such political turmoil and a global pandemic, why talk about money? At the mention of this topic, I sense defenses going up, even my own. The thought of generosity is a direct challenge to my greed. When it comes to taking in what the Bible has to tell us about money, we can often seem like the young kid turning his head to avoid the cough medicine he needs. But if we avoid the medicine of generosity, there is a sickness far worse that will overtake us.

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The Bible and Money this Christmas Season

November 18, 2019 | Austin Spooner

The Bible has a lot to say about how we spend our money. There are over 2,300 verses that address it. Jesus talks about money more than he talks about heaven and hell combined.

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Contribute | Money

April 1, 2019 | Michael Rhodes

Money…a word that has the ability to bring more emotions with it than a sports team, a relationship, or a middle schooler. Happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, and more can creep into our emotional state when that word is used. Want to see those emotions increase to an even crazier state? Mention the word money in a church setting and there’s not even an emotional comparison.

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Financially Surviving the Holidays

December 3, 2018 | Jake Each

Jesus talked about money, a lot. But around this time of year it can seem like we don’t want to talk about money we just want to spend it. In fact today we don’t even have to have it to spend it, we can charge it. So loosen up, it’s the holidays! We can talk about money after the new year. That’s when we’ll set a budget and get our finances under control. Right? Wrong!

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The Christian and Money

November 15, 2021

How should we uniquely handle money as followers of Jesus? What are the implications of the gospel on our finances? Join us as we discuss the topics of finances, generosity, and God's glory!

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