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James 2:8-13

November 19, 2023

James 2:8-13

November 12, 2023


The Christian and Unity

July 27, 2020 | Jake Each

Tensions are high, divisions are sharp. Black, white, republican, democrat. We can seem hopelessly lost in problems that seem too big and complex for any real change. But, a lot of people doing the little things make a big difference. I believe the power of simple godliness lived out in the everyday lives of Christians can have a profound impact on a community. As one of your pastors, I want to share five simple, underwhelming personal practices for fostering unity that, if embraced by the people of Veritas, would send forth cultural ripples.

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Reflections on Race and Christianity: Part four

February 24, 2020 | Jake Each

There’s no doubt that we live in a very divided world where our tendency is to identify with other things before we identify with Christ, but what we have to understand is that before we are republican or democrat, before we are white or black, before we are male or female, we are Christians.

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Reflections on Race and Christianity: Part Three

February 17, 2020 | Jake Each

As a church we want to be better informed about a deep sin issue that has stained our history and continues to exist today. If this is your first week visiting the blog we encourage you to go back and catch up on the content from the previous two weeks.

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Reflections on Race and Christianity: Part Two

February 10, 2020 | Jake Each

Our history has been deeply stained by racism. It’s a sin issue of our past and the present and it’s on us to develop a better understanding of its roots and repercussions. Our goal through this series is to put content in front of you to help you think critically and biblically about this important issue.

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Reflections on Race and Christianity: Part One

February 3, 2020 | Jake Each

Race can certainly be a hot and controversial topic. To some it is a topic that can’t be escaped because of the color of their skin. To others it feels like walking through a minefield, not knowing where to step or what to say in the fear of miss stepping, so it becomes a topic we avoid. But there is definitely a conversation going on about race, and as Christians we are not to be quiet while that conversation is happening, rather we are to be biblical.

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Sound of Hallelujahs

March 11, 2019 | Marcy Each

Melissa is beautiful. And brilliant. Strong and opinionated. She also happens to be black. And I am also strong and opinionated. And I happen to be white. When we first had a conversation at the door to our kids’ Sunday school class, I told her I didn’t think we could be friends because after just a short while of knowing her, I concluded my strong opinions and frank statements would surely offend her. She laughed and agreed that she would most likely be offended by me, and yet Melissa has become one of my closest friends.

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Books, Movies, and Navigating Racial Reconciliation

June 24, 2021

On this Veritas Equipping Podcast come hear about our favorite books, movies, and listen in as we have a brief discussion regarding racial reconciliation. This is in no way a comprehensive dialogue, rather our hope is to encourage a specific kind of filter as you process all the information flying at you. So, how should we approach this conversation?