Is a wedding at Veritas right for me?

Your wedding day is important to us, but a Christ centered marriage is even more important. We believe that the marriage of one man to one woman is a sacred covenant created by God. In order to have a strong foundation for your future marriage, we follow the following principles for all weddings conducted at Veritas.

Shared Faith in Jesus

Because our desire is that all couples experience the joy of a God-designed marriage and avoid the pain of dysfunction and divorce, we will officiate a wedding when both the man and the woman have a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe that the best foundation of a marriage is one centered on Jesus and the teachings in the Bible. Because of this, we only do weddings for those who can give a clear testimony of their faith. If you have questions about what a personal relationship with Jesus is, we’d love to talk with you!

Personal Preparation

As with any major life event, it is important to be personally prepared for the new stage that you will enter. We require marriage mentoring to be completed with a Veritas staff member, a trained mentor couple, or another pastor pre-approved by the Veritas staff prior to your wedding.

Sexual Purity

We believe that men and women were created by God as sexual beings. We believe that the enjoyment of sex inside of marriage is one of God’s blessings to married couples. God created sex to be incredibly powerful, able to bring blessing or destruction to a relationship. We believe that allowing God’s Word to shape how we think and act, in this area and in all others, is the best way to lay a solid foundation for the marriage, prevent the relational destruction that comes from ignoring God’s instructions, and bring glory to God.

With this in mind, we ask couples who are considering being married at Veritas or by a Veritas pastor to commit to two things: first, to sexual abstinence from this point until their wedding day, and second, to not live together until after they are married. If you do choose to live together before your wedding, please know that we will not officiate or host your wedding at Veritas. If you are currently living with your fiancé and choose to move out, we will help you if needed by working to arrange alternative living spaces, celebrate your decision, and be willing to host your wedding in our building.

Divorce and Remarriage

We, too, have felt the pain of divorce. Whether through a family member or even our own personal experience, we know that divorce hurts, and that divorced people long to experience a healthy marriage. The Bible is clear that divorce is not what God intends for marriage, and it gives guidelines for those divorced individuals who can remarry with a clear conscience. We understand these to be when a spouse committed adultery or when a non-Christian spouse deserted the marriage. If you feel that your situation falls within scriptural guidelines allowing you to remarry with God’s full blessing, then we encourage you to submit a Wedding Application explaining your story.

Our Heart

We deeply desire to see you experience a wonderful marriage as God designed it to be. In order to establish a God-honoring foundation, we hold to these biblical principles.